2018 Update 1 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Yes, it is a month since that actually happened but here's hoping everyone has got through the January that many dread. In this update we will bring you news the production schedule for the supplements and show you a little of what we have been up to....

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What’s in the Books

EDRPG is not just the Core Book and we are currently in the production phase of the four supplements. Here's some more information on what you can expect from each EDRPG Title. The Core Book The EDRPG Rule Book The main rule books contains, amongst other things;...

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October Update

Thank you to all our amazing backers and newcomers to the RPG for coming over and saying ‘Hi’ during the Frontier Expo 2017. It was amazing to see and hear the reaction of so many Elite Dangerous Commanders as to the physical Core Manual and the game in general. As I...

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The @SpidermindGames news team hard at work taking their coffee from the amazing @huttonorbital mugs - thanks for having us on the show and thanks 'For The Mugs!'

@architectbloke @E_DRPG No. KARMA is to damn precious to spend. So a reroll on a 1 is the ultimate option #EliteDangerousrpg

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